Math Tutor

At Elite Math tutors we work with your child to build upon the math knowledge your child currently has.  This will help your child learn quicker and get them more excited about learning.  We have found that it makes teaching easier and is more productive as the children actually start from the base of knowledge that they possess and then we build upon it.

Assessment tests:

Our students are given an assessment test to see what their base knowledge is and so we can uncover their needs.  This information is used to develop a customized program for your child's needs.

Customized Learning:

We understand that everyone learns differently. All of our tutors are experienced working with a wide range of learning styles and student personalities. We seek to individualize our mathematics instruction to optimize the learning potential of every student we work with.

Relationship Building:

Students learn better when they are learning from someone who they connect with. Elite Math Tutors has a variety of education professionals for you to choose from. If your student doesn’t respond to the instruction of one of our tutors, we will find you another tutor that is a better fit.

·         Grade School: Build a math foundation, including calculation, computation and problem solving with whole and rational numbers. Comprehend basic math skills.

·         Middle School: Build a higher quality math foundation, master algebra , assist with homework.

·         High School: Continue to support development of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus and calculus skills. We offer individualized programs to assist students with SAT and ACT testing